MTCcorp, located in Orange County, California specializes in tooling, prototyping, engineering & design, CNC-machining, composites, and glass transparencies for customers across the nation. Whether you’re looking for design and development assistance or build-to-print manufacturing we’re here to help. You can count on us to deliver a high-quality product, that will be on time and at a competitive price. Please contact our expert sales team to discuss how we can best support your needs.

Being vertically integrated is what sets MTCcorp apart from many of our competitors. While other manufacturing companies may only focus on one of these departments, MTCcorp offers Engineering, Composites, CNC Machining, Fabrication, Assembly, Paint, and Formed or Tempered Glass Transparencies under one roof. Leveraging our decades of experience, we can offer a unique start-to- finish solution, based on our customer’s requirements, while maintaining core values of the company to always deliver a quality product on time.


Advanced Composites – We produce advanced composite parts utilizing carbon fiber, fiberglass, or Kevlar fibers that are typically woven into the fabric, impregnated with a resin matrix, and then cured in our large 10’ x 20’ Autoclave or 8’x10’x8’ walk-in oven to yield high- strength and lightweight components

CNC Machining & Tooling – Utilizing multiple 5-axis machining operations, we provide precision CNC machining for metallic and non-metallic substrates, including ones with large-formats and complex geometry. MTCcorp utilizes 3 large, 20’x10’x5’, Gantry style 5-Axis machining centers that are enclosed in a temperature-controlled environment, along with along with a few other smaller machines to support parts of all sizes.

Transparencies – Many customers rely on us for precision-formed glass windows for commercial aircrafts, business jets, experimental aircrafts, and spacecrafts. Many of these windows have complex curvatures and require thermal and/or chemical tempering. MTCcorp also produces laminated glass for automotive applications.

Aerospace Engineering – Our engineering team specializes in aircraft components and assemblies that include composite aerostructures, composite tooling, interior, fuselage and wing components and structures and CNC machined metallic components. MTCcorp also provides composite Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Program Management for projects of all sizes and scopes.

Fabrication – We have a very well-equipped aerospace fabrication shop that can produce small, medium, and large weldments utilizing our Bluco tables. These weldments along with our sheet metal capabilities support needs such as tooling structures and finished components. Skilled in steel and aluminum fabrication.

Paint – From surface preparation to painting and final polishing, our world-class paint and finish shop specializes in high quality finishes for aerospace and automotive applications. Our 5 downdraft preparation stations along with our 3 SAICO downdraft booths are well suited to short and medium run jobs as well as development and one-offs as needed.

Complex Assemblies – We can deliver complex final assemblies comprised of composite structures, CNC-machined parts, and/or metallic weldments. MTCcorp can design and install electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems as needed. Program management supplied to work closely with our customers.

Inspection – We utilize a Leica Laser scanner for 3-dimensional inspection of finished components. The Leica scanner allows us to accurately inspect small, medium, and large components (up to 20’ length) and assemblies and the related software allows us to provide part validation documentation (heat maps etc) to our customers. MTCcorp follows AS9100D standards for NIST control of inspection equipment.