Whether it’s glass for concept development purposes or turnkey integration into an existing frame, our team can design, execute and deliver robust transparencies built to or exceeding specifications. Our transparency work has been used in a diverse field of applications, ranging from control surfaces to military grade glass for experimental aircraft.

Our shop can deliver exacting aerospace glass, formed and tempered that is built to data. We also specialize in complex curvature and thermal and chemical tempering. Our team has also developed innovations in tooling and process development and we specialize in CNC-machined and beveled glass. In the aerospace industry, we’re world renowned for aircraft windshield glass face-plies and landing light lenses. We also have glass inspection capability per ASTM-C1652

Our talented team draws upon over forty years of engineering and design experience covering CNC engineering, design tooling, complex assemblies, low to medium volume production for advanced composites, metals (e.g., aluminum, magnesium, copper, nickel, titanium), and precision tempered glass & plastic transparencies. All handled in-house in our 120,000 square feet machining facility located in Southern California. We strive to be a vertically integrated ‘one stop shop’, so we can provide shorter lead-times and deliver high-value products to our customers on time.

  • Ianua BTF/1 – Bend & Temper Furnace. 59” x 35” x 8”
  • Glassrobots Bending Furnace. 114”x72”x30”
  • Brembana CMS Speed 24MB 3-4 Axis machining center
  • Glass inspection capability per ASTM-C1652