MTCcorp embraces a customer centric approach to engineering for manufacturing, delivering the client the best possible solution and options for advanced composites, metals, glass, and plastics. While offering clients project flexibility, MTCcorp can engage with the client in any stage – concepting, prototyping, or production. We can build composite parts with needed fabrications using an existing design, modify a design, or design a composite tooling solution.
Bring our engineers in during the early design phase to help optimize overall design and material selection or in the later stages to execute a flawless composite engineering build. We continuously challenge the industry with new advancements. technology, materials, and processes to be leaders in engineering for manufacturing and have successfully designed and delivered an array of projects covering aerospace engineering, drones / UAVs, satellite & rockets, experimental aircrafts, vehicle transpiration, and more.

Our talented team draws upon over forty years of engineering and design experience covering CNC engineering, design tooling, complex assemblies, low to medium volume production for advanced composites, metals (e.g., aluminum, magnesium, copper, nickel, titanium), and precision tempered glass & plastic transparencies. All handled in-house in our 120,000 square feet machining facility located in Southern California. We strive to be a vertically integrated ‘one stop shop’, so we can provide shorter lead-times and deliver high-value products to our customers on time.

  • Collaborative Design with Customers
  • Early Stage Concepting
  • Prototype to Production
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Simple Component to Complex Assemblies
  • Tooling, Components, and Assemblies

Aircraft & Defense – Aircraft System Assemblies, Fuselage & Airframe Structures and Skins. Control Surfaces. Frame Structures for Canopies, Radomes, Windshields & Side Windows, Glass face-plies, Landing Light Lenses, Landing Gear.

Space – Structures, Nose Cones, Satellite Components, Struts & Assemblies, Brackets, Deployable Structures, Reflectors, Metering Tubes, Sunshades, Launch Vehicle Structures, Pylon Adapter Assembly.

Vehicle Engineering – Body Structures & Closures, Interior Systems & Seating, Chassis & Suspension, Electric Vehicle Powertrain, Integration and Validation of Vehicle Electro-Mechanical Systems.

Battery Technology – Technology – Battery Management System Development, CAN/LIN Bus Communications, Pack assembly and Testing, Pack Enclosures and Cooling.

Composite Parts – Design, analysis and validation

Program Management – Travelers, Traceability, Quality Assurance, Configuration, Revision Level, Bill of Material Management, Materials control.

We utilize the latest release level CATIA V5-6 and can interface with all major CAD platforms.